Sunday, April 26, 2009

Word Meaniong

Q-1 Zebrus
(a) A kind of large beetle (b) To stimulate
(c) Vigorous (d) Russian leather
Q-2 Zamia
(a) Sulphuric acid (b) Impure oxide of cobalt
(c) A kind of palm tree (d) Sportive trick
Q-3 Zany
(a) An Italian bagpipe (b) Disobediently
(c) To form a bundle (d) A merry Andrew
Q-4 Zarf
(a) The character of buffoonery (b) An ornamental coffee-up
(c) A bundle of hay (d) Not stuffed
Q-5 Zea
(a) A state-cutter’s tool (b) Dreadful
(c) Indian corn (d) Very costly
Q-6 Zein
(a) Enthusiastic (b) The protein of maize
(c) Fanatic (d) The quality of being zealous
Q-7 Zero
(a) Cypher (b) Support
(c) A Glance (d) Postdated
Q-8 Ziganka
(a) Relish (b) A small parlour
(c) A kind of mineral (d) A Russian dance
Q-9 Zingel
(a) A kind of fish (b) Oxide of zine
(c) Pertaing to zebra (d) Eagerness
Q-10 Zirconium
(a) A wind instrument like cornet (b) Constaing to zinc
(c) A slate-cutter’s tool (d) A kind of meral
Q-11 Ziolism
(a) A stringed musical instrument (b) A kind of europeon squirrel
(c) Unjust criticism (d) Veterinary surgery
Q-12 Zone
(a) A belt (b) Pertaing to zones
(c) Pertaing to animals (d) A kind of grey time
Q-13 Zonure
(a) Circumference (b) Without zone
(c) A small girdle (d) A spliked lizard
Q-14 Zoography
(a) The description (b) Pertaing to animal life
(c) One who describes animal (d) Pertaing to animal chemistry
Q-15 Zoolite
(a) Having the nature of animal forms (b) The worship of animal
(c) Fossil animal (d) Not uttered
Q-16 Zoophilist
(a) The science of animal life (b) Feeding on animals
(c) Obstruction (d) A lover of animals
Q-17 Zoo physiology
(a) Animal physiology (b) One who repairs
(c) To pay to much (d) Particular
Q-18 Zoosperm
(a) Pertaing to zoophytes (b) The male seed cell
(c) Animal psychology (d) Curtailment
Q-19 Zoo zoo
(a) A wood pigeon (b) The dissection of animals
(c) Pertaing to zootomy (d) scientific classification of animals
Q-20 Zuffalo
(a) A small American vulture (b) The religion of the parsees
(c) A kind of skin disease (d) A kind of flute
Q-21 Zylonite
(a) A kind of sheep (b) Celluloid
(c) A kind of sweet biscuits (d) A kind of plant
Q-22 Zythepasary
(a) Pertaing to fermentation (b) Of the nature of a ferment
(c) Chemistry of fermentation (d) A brewery
Q-23 Zoochemy
(a) Healing (b) Animal chemistry
(c) Helplessly (d) Weakening
Q-24 Zoonomy
(a) The laws of animal life (b) To withdraw
(c) Serve suffering (d) A harash critic
Q-25 Zimb
(a) Strife (b) Abyssinian insect
(c) Limit (d) Perfection


1 a 2 c 3 d 4b 5 c 6b 7a 8d 9a 10d 11c 12a 13d 14a 15c 16d 17a 18b 19a 20d 21b 22d 23b 24a 25b